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Recording of a living room concert.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to take a part in one of the amazing projects in Israel. Living room concerts of free improvisation with great musicians and wonderful music with no limits.

The amazing musicians were:

Michaël Attias - sax

Shay Hazan - double bass

Haim E Peskoff - drums

To get the genre environment and feel I decided to use a simple miking technics.

I recorded the sax with the Electro-Voice RE20.

For the drums recording I used four mics, bass drum {Sennheiser e902}, snare {Shure Beta57}, and a stereo pair of overheads {Akg SE300b with CK 91 Capsule}.

For the bass recording, I used the Shure SM 81 and the amp DI output.

Hopefully, I'll upload some recording from this amazing session soon.


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