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Beta Studio

Here at Beta Studio, we are working from the belief that all musicians deserve to be heard and expressed. We operate from the desire to help and support the music industry, especially, the independent, do-it-all-yourself musicians.

Opened in a small town just outside Tel-Aviv in 2012 with a focus on music production and mixing, and since 2017 offered mastering services as well. Later on, moved to London in 2018, and since mainly devoted itself to mastering. Through the years, Beta Studio travelled between a few locations (including Battersea, Ealing and Finsbury Park) and now based in the wonderful area of Hounslow in West London.

Beta Studio offers mastering and mixing services and put supporting the independent music scene and 
aspiring musicians as a goal.

We offer a free mastering sample and 50% off as a mix sample for new artists and special rates for Indie artists and
aspiring musicians.





In addition to the prices below we offer special rates via email for Indie,unsigned artists and aspiring musicians so feel free to contact us with any questions, ideas or dreams!


£80 per single

£70 per song in an EP (3 - 5 songs)

£60 per song in an album (6 or more)

Mix - Stereo

£450 per single

£400 per song in an EP (3 - 5 songs)

£350 per song in an album (6 or more)

Mix - Surround

 £700 - £800 per song


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